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This is a special election, a unique opportunity to send an extraordinary leader to Beacon Hill,                        someone equipped to do the job, to get the work done.


Susan Moran is a dedicated public servant and business owner running for                                             Massachusetts State Senate | First Plymouth & Barnstable District

Susan Speaks to the Voters

Susan Moran talks about the immediate actions to be taken in our community and why she is the most qualified candidate to become the next Massachusetts Senator from the Plymouth & Barnstable District. #VoteMoran

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Susan's Absentee Ballot PSA

In these unprecedented times, health and safety are paramount. COVID-19 has changed the way we do almost everything. You can vote safely now and conveniently from the comfort of your home, and make sure Susan Moran is the next State Senator from the Plymouth & Barnstable District.

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Susan is eager to bring her legislative experience to bear on the issues that are important to this district. She will hit the ground running and 'GET TO WORK!"

I believe that education is the foundation of our democracy and the foundation of Massachusetts’ economic success.   Our children deserve the best education possible and I applaud the work our teachers do every day to achieve that goal. If we are to continue to meet and exceed the needs of our students, I believe that we must be actively pursue the funding and programs necessary, including an increase emphasis on technical training opportunities.  As your Senator I will:

  • Advocate for the needs of our teachers and our schools Continue to fight to make sure our public schools get the state funding they need and deserve.
  • Work with legislators on Beacon Hill to increase support for technical, trade and vocational education.
  • Work with the Commonwealth and our area schools and colleges to continue to expand educational opportunities to provide students and workers with the skills they need for jobs in our emerging tech-focused industries.

Living, working, and representing constituents in a coastal region, I understand the urgency of working to protect the environment.  As a local and regional legislator, I work every day to support policies that safeguard our water resources; ensure healthy sustainable communities and help towns prepare for the worst effects of climate change.  I have been a leader in efforts to expand solar energy, improve building codes for better energy efficiency and increase recycling.  I have and will continue to be a champion for environmental and climate resiliency projects and policies at the state level to strengthen our local infrastructure, create good jobs, and ensure a livable planet for future generations.  As your Senator I will:

  • Work to ensure our state government focuses on avenues to aid our coastal communities to combat the potentially devastating effects of climate change.
  • Continue to be a strong advocate for alternative energy solutions including blue energy development to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels
  • Ensure that the unique environmental challenges of the Plymouth and Barnstable district are addressed.

The Plymouth and Barnstable District is a unique population with a combination of families who have lived her for generations, retirees, and young families looking for somewhere to set roots. As our population continues to change and our cost of living continues to rise, I believe that it is imperative that we address community affordability, not just at the local level but at the state level.  Our seniors deserve to be able to afford to age in place, our working families deserve not to be priced out of their community and new families deserve to be able to set roots.  As your Senator I will:

  • Work to find solutions that provide housing options for everyone, regardless of their financial circumstance
  • Fight to ensure seniors have the opportunity to age in place the community they call home

I believe access to health care is a right, and regardless of your circumstances or proximity to Boston, everyone should have access to affordable quality health care in their community – and that includes women’s reproductive health.  As your state Senator I will:

  • Fight to ensure our community health centers have the funding necessary to provide health care services
  • Stand strong to make sure women continue to have access to reproductive health
  • Ensure that everyone has access to affordable quality health care

One of the biggest challenges we face as a region and as a state is traffic and transportation issues.  Our streets and highways are crowded and our alternative transportation options are lacking.  I believe that access to reliable transportation options is not only good for the environment, but is an important part of economic development.  We need safe roads, safe bridges and an increase in the choices people have to get from one place to another.  As you Senator I will:

  • Fight for increased funding to improve alternative transportation options like our regional transit authorities, improved commuter rail service, and increasing bike lanes.


  • Continue to work with the state and the Army Corp of Engineers to replace our crumbling Cape bridges, and continue to fight for funding to fix our other crumbling bridges.


  • Work to find additional opportunities to create housing near transportation hubs, allowing people to leave their cars and use public transportation

Public safety is the cornerstone of a strong community.  Our police, fire and first-responders keep us and our community safe.  They are on the front lines of not only emergency calls but the fight against the opioid epidemic.  I believe that in order to keep our communities safe, our first responders need safe stations, the proper equipment and support to do their jobs.  The opioid crisis is unlike anything we have ever seen, effecting every community and touching everyone’s lives.   We need to work with our first responders and put programs in place that help break the cycle of addiction.

As you Senator, I will:

  • Work to create a dedicated revenue stream for an MSBA-type program for our fire and police stations so that the people who risk their lives to keep us safe are risking their safety at work.
  • Fight for increased funding for education, prevention and treatment to fight against the opioid epidemic.
  • Continue to be a strong voice for the safety of our communities and hold Holtec responsible for the safe decommissioning of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station.

Economic Development is more than just where the next Amazon will be, it is about our local small businesses.  It is about our area’s tourism industry and our traditional industries of fishing and agriculture.  We need to make sure as we continue to promote the emerging industries flocking to Massachusetts, we don’t lose sight of the business and people who are the bedrock of our economy.  I believe that each of these factors has an important place in our local economy.  As your Senator I will:


  • Work to ensure our small businesses are supported.
  • Fight for funding to promote and bolster our tourism industry- one of the largest industries in the Commonwealth.
  • Fight for with our fishermen, lobstersmen, and farmers to ensure they can continue to make a living.

Susan Moran - Overview

Susan's Roe Act Commitment

Climate Action

The effects of climate change permeate every aspect of our community. Local action is the way our district can advance real and lasting environmental solutions - we must FIGHT for our planet, NOW...


Together we can envision and enact changes to how we live, work and play. Every conversation I am having with the people of this district relates to climate change. Whether it's tax incentives for businesses who encourage working remotely, coastal zoning changes to promote new ocean-facing industries, putting solar on every roof in the commonwealth, or stimulating overdue investment in modern transportation infrastructure, we can be MORE CREATIVE, we can be MORE COMMITTED, and we MUST be MORE ACCOUNTABLE for our future.

About Susan Moran

Reasons why Susan Moran will produce results and 'GET THE WORK DONE' as State Senator:

Regional Leadership Experience

Susan is a veteran leader with legislative expertise in economic development, transportation & water quality.

Attorney & Business Owner

As a member of State & Federal Bars in Massachusetts, as well as the United States Supreme Court Bar, Susan's legal career spans three (3) decades and focuses primarily on complex business litigations.

Public Servant

Former Chair & Vice-Chair and current member of the Falmouth Select Board, Susan has consistently risen to leadership roles because of her zeal for doing the work.

Health & Addiction Advocate

Serving adults and children with addictions, in her capacity as a counselor for the New England Memorial Hospital, Susan understands the complexities of this public threat.

Economic Development Leader

- Current Chair, Barnstable EDC
- Current Vice-Chair, Falmouth EDIC
- Chamber of Commerce, Falmouth
- Former Chair of Falmouth Chamber Tourism Committee

Understands Family Issues

As a working mother, Susan has raised three children and is recently blessed with two busy grandchildren.

Professional Mediator

Her training as a certified mediator gives Susan intimate, hands-on experience bridging divides and achieving mutually agreeable solutions when none seem possible.

Community Activist & Volunteer

- Former VP, West Falmouth Library Capital Campaign
- Former Pres., West Falmouth Village Assoc.
- Member, Cape & Islands Philanthropy Partners
- West Falmouth Playground grant writer

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China Weare, Bourne

"You are absolutely a leader - so no problems there :)"

Ronnie Reasonover, Falmouth Artist

"I'm impressed with and voting for Su, she understands our needs."

Carlyn Ellms, Falmouth

"Su has done great work, and I know she's got bigger work to do."

Troy Clarkson, Sandwich Reporter

"Su Moran is a fighter. She serves because she cares and tirelessly advocates for the issues that matter."


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Aside from a Special Election for Senate, Susan understands and appreciates that this time of year importantly includes reflection and philanthropy.
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